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Sherksilver's Character builder

Character Builder by


Builder File Downloads:

  1. .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package (Required)
  2. Builder Setup Package or Builder ZIP Package

Builder Features:

  1. Create a CoH or CoV character from level 1 through level 50. The color for the Power bars and the Power background will change based upon the AT type. Blue base for CoH and a Red base for CoV.
  2. Assign enhancements to your powers, either displaying enhancement level (ie: level enhancement assigned) or relative enhancement level (-3 to +3). Actual game enhancement images will be used when you select either Training, Dual Origin, or Single Origin enhancements. Special images will be used for the Special enhancements (Hammy, Sewer, etc...) to reflect the nature of them, and to more easily differentiate between multiple different versions. Enhancements can be assigned individually for each slot assigned to each power. This includes type and relative level for the enhancement so that you can set up your character design to reflect your actual in game character.
  3. When an assigned power is selected, the power description displayed will adjust the information based upon any enhancements that are assigned to the power.
  4. All character statistics compute and use the actual enhanced powers for the design.
  5. The power editor can be used to Add, Edit, Remove powers and power data.
  6. The Enhancement Editor can be used to modify enhancement values, stats, and images used in the program.
  7. The power database can be exported, then imported on a different builder, if you want to share some custom stats with others.
  8. Characters can be saved to, and loaded from disk.
  9. The following Character Exports and Printouts are available:
    • Short UBB Format
    • Long UBB Format
    • Short Text Format
    • Long Text Format
    • Text Printout
    • Graphical Printout
    • Design Printout
  10. The following Character Statistics can be viewed:
    • Character Defense and Resistance %
    • Character Endurance Usage and Recovery (in End Per Second)
    • Character Health and Regeneration Rates
    • Character Attack Statistics
    • Character Attack Chain Planner
    • Character Hit Points
    • Character Movement Speed
  11. Import Characters created using other planner programs.
  12. Automatic Application and Database Updates.
  13. Character Badge Tracking.
  14. Game Helpers to do the following:
    • Track and log badges.
    • View character design in either normal format, or a respec format.
    • Edit or Add badges to the badge listing.
    • Edit Powers
  15. The following builder settings are user configurable:
    • Power Text, Color, Size, Font
    • Builder Text, Color, Size, Font
    • Builder Power Field Background Colors (Unselected, Selected, Selectable, etc... colors)
    • UBB Forum Export Colors
    • Game Helper Colors (In game Editors)
    • Auto Update Settings
    • Mouse click actions (Right and Center Mouse Buttons)
    • Power Display Order for Right Hand Power Column
    • And many, many more.
  16. The following main builder information panes/tabs can be detached into separate viewable windows.
    • Power Description Text
    • Power Enhancement Information
    • Defense and Resistance
    • Regeneration
    • Endurance Recovery
    • Travel Speeds

Builder Pictures and Screenshots

This is a selection of pictures of the builder, showing the various screens, components, and features of the builder:

Main Builder and Sub-Screens

Editor Screens

Main Builder - CoH AT In Game Badge Editor
Main Builder - CoV AT In Game Power Editor
Defense/Resistance Pane Power Editor
Description Pane Power by Name Editor
Enhancement Information Pane Badge Editor
Recovery Pane (END) Enhancement Editor
Regen Pane Archetype Editor
Travel Speeds Pane .
Modes Pane

Setup Screens:

Attack Chain Planner General Tab
Attack Statistics Viewer Auto Update Tab
Badge Tracker Builder Colors
Hit Point Table Calculation Variables
Game Helper Forum Export
. In Game - Helper Colors
. Path Settings


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